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Guitar Lessons Chester – About The Academy

On this page you can learn more about the Academy and our Academy Hub. For prices visit our FAQ's page and to learn more about our teachers and their musical backgrounds click here.

    Mike Kennedy Academy Director

    We are a team of 9 Chester-based guitar teachers. We have specialists in all styles of guitar and we teach people at all levels of ability. Whatever your musical aims are we can help you. Give us a call on 01244 784 734 and we can discuss your guitar future. Thanks, speak soon!

    So how does the Academy work?

    If you join the Academy you will have a weekly guitar lesson (or fortnightly if you prefer) and gain unlimited access to our Academy Hub

    There are currently 9 guitar teachers on our team and we teach over a hundred people per week. (Learn more about our teachers here.) Our teachers cover all styles of music and all ability levels.

    The Academy Hub – The online home for your guitar journey

    We genuinely care deeply about our students’ progress, it’s very important to us and that’s why we created an online learning vault for our students. It’s called the ‘Academy Hub’. Our students get unlimited access, but anyone can have a quick peek for free!

    Our aim is for you to be able to continue learning all week (not just when we’re physically sat next to you). The Hub makes this easy.

    guitar lessons chester

    What can you find on the Hub?

    • All our lesson tools
    • Video tutorials
    • Hundreds of songsheets
    • Chordboxes showing you the correct finger shapes for every chord
    • 'Magic' chord guide showing songwriters which chords work well together
    • Clips of us showing how to play specific songs (breaking strumming patterns down beat-by-beat)
    • Hundreds of bonus guitar tricks and tips

    Everything we use to teach is available online for our students 24 hours a day.

    The Hub lives and breathes - We add content to it several times a week and as our students' tastes and skill levels evolve so does the Hub, which means you can learn even faster by us sharing our work with other students. It multiplies your progress. It works well and you'll love it!

    guitar lessons chester

    Join our community of guitar lovers

    Academy students gain access to our Facebook Group which means you can connect with other guitarists in the Chester area. Magical things happen when you connect with like-minded people..... So get involved!

    We run regular workshops where our members can meet and chat, jam together, share knowledge, try other types of guitar and generally discuss music and guitar playing with like-minded souls. We also run gigging/open-mic sessions and jam nights for our students who want to perform live.