Guitar Lessons Chester – Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

Your first lesson slot is free of charge. Each lesson slot after that costs £25.

What do I get for my money?

1) A regular one-to-one guitar lesson with your own personal guitar guru.

You’ll learn quickly and it’ll be fun. Visit the “How We Teach” page to learn more about our specific methods and be sure to read the “About The Academy” page to learn more about our teachers, our passion and our genuine commitment to your success.

We love what we do and sharing the gift of music with you will be something you enjoy hugely, we promise! To see an overview of the tuition we provide for Academy students click here.

2) 75% discount entry to all Academy events, workshops, gigs, hangouts and open-mic nights.

3) A free plectrum of ideal thickness and grip for your ability level.

4) A free annual string-changing service & guitar M.O.T to keep your instrument sounding great.

5) Access to our Facebook Group so you can connect with other local guitar-learners in Chester.

6) Ongoing support & guitar maintenance advice.

7) No contracts, no joining fees, no leaving fees. Absolutely no Big Business corporate trickery. We treat you as we’d like to be treated ourselves, in a clear and simple way, as a real human being.

8) Elite customer service from easy-going, high-quality guitar teachers who love what they do.

How long does each lesson last?

45 minutes. In our experience, this is the optimum lesson length (particularly for those in the early stages of tuition). We’re usually with our students for around an hour though, as after the lesson we’ll often chat about other related things (guitar maintenance, resources and equipment etc).

Do I have to pay a joining (or leaving) fee?


How do I pay?

If you’d like to buy a lesson slot then you will need to pay for it in advance. (Ideally 7 days before, but 48 hours is the cutoff point.) Lesson slots in Chester cost £25. If you live further afield then your lesson slots will cost more to reflect our teachers’ extra travel time & increased fuel costs. You can pay with cash if you want, but the majority of our students pay using online banking, either on a lesson-by-lesson basis (transferring the payment a week in advance – usually after their previous lesson ends), or they buy a block of lesson slots in one go so they don’t have to remember to transfer the money every week. Most people buy a block of 4-8 lesson slots at a time. (You can buy a maximum of 12 lesson slots.) Whatever works best for you is fine with us. We’re very flexible.

What happens if I need to cancel a lesson slot?

We have only one rule. (Just one!) If a student needs to cancel a lesson slot we ask them to give their teacher at least 24 hours’ notice. If a student cancels a lesson slot and gives their teacher less than 24 hours’ notice we ask them to pay half of the lesson slot’s cost. We’d rather not have any ‘rules’ but we’ve learned that this rule is necessary to ensure that people respect our time.

Where will the lessons take place?

We can either visit your home, or you can visit us. It’s up to you. Most of our team is based in and around Chester. If you want us to visit your home and you live far away from Chester your lesson slots will cost more (to allow for the extended travelling time). Give us a call and we can work something out together.

Can I leave the Academy at any time? Are there any hidden charges or sneaky payments?

There are no contracts or hidden charges of any kind. You can leave at any time. The Academy isn’t a Big Business trying to steal or trick you out of money, we hate all that corporate stuff as much as you do. We’ll always treat you how we like to be treated ourselves: in a fair and kind way, as a real human being.

Do I need my own instrument?

Yes! Absolutely. (We can provide a guitar during lessons, but you need a guitar of your own to practise on outside of lesson times.)

When do you teach?

7 days a week, 9am until 9pm. Our diaries are very flexible.

Do I have to be able to read music?

No. One of the best things about learning guitar is how accessible it is compared to other musical instruments. Don’t worry, we’ll make it really easy!

How much practise will I have to do?

It depends how quickly you want to learn but as a minimum you should aim to practise for 1 hour a week to ensure you progress at a decent pace.

Can you teach me a specific song?

Yep, no problem.

Do you teach kids as well as adults?

Yes, from age 9 upwards. We enjoy making learning fun and exciting for children.

Do you teach bass guitar?


My question isn’t answered here!

Drop us an email with your query by clicking here or call us on 01244 784734. Thanks and speak soon!